10 Outback Adventures in Australia: Explore the Heart and Soul of Australia

Outback Adventures in Australia
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What comes to mind when you think about Australia? Is it the 1000s of miles of secluded beaches? Do you imagine swimming in the great barrier reef? Or do you think of the Australian outback? Adding several Outback adventures in Australia to your trip is a requirement to having an authentic “true blue” experience. At first glance, the outback can seem like a barren wasteland, with nothing but red dirt and snakes around every corner. Upon further inspection, it is full of life and beauty that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

The outback is the heart and soul of Australia. With 80% of the population living near the coast, it is easy to understand why not to many people venture inland and leave the white, sandy beaches famous in Australia. But if you do, you will be missing out on some of the best Australia has to offer. Here are 10 Outback Adventures in Australia.

Road Trip

Australia is big. One of the best ways to see it is on a good old-fashioned road trip. I have decided to start off with this one because A. road trips are awesome, and B. this will be a precursor for most of the adventures on this list.

Australia’s Highway 1 will take you all around Australia. It is the longest highway in the world at 14 500 KM. To drive all the way around Australia could take months of your time. If you are planning on making frequent stops (which you should) then this road trip could take up to a year.

The top section of the trail, will take you from Broome, through Darwin, and all the way to Cairns. You will drive by some of Australia’s most famous National parks. Take a detour and visit Uluru. When people think of the Outback, the Northern Territory is where they think of.

Walk the Cape to Cape

This is a coastal walk on the very southwest corner of Australia between Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste. While a lot of it is on the coast, it does venture inland quite a bit and you will get to experience a different outback.

The track will take you on secluded beaches, on cliffs overlooking the ocean. A short stroll through some of the Largest trees in the world. Spend a day at the Boranap Campsite and visit some of the caves in the area. Need a break? Relax with some sting rays at Hamelin Bay, or head into Margaret River and take a wine tour.

The whole trail is 135 km long. It can be hiked comfortably in 6-7 days.

Caving in the Blue Mountains

The Jenolan caves in the Blue Mountains provide some of the best underground views in the country. While most of the caves available are only show caves (meaning that they have lights and a walking platform) there is the option for a more exciting adventure.

The Plughole adventure tour offers a great introduction to the world of caving. Participants on this tour will abseil down to the entrance of the cave. From there they will have to go through several tight squeezes and bends. The tour lasts about 2 hours and it will be something you always remember.

Explore the Kimberleys

Located in North West Australia, the Kimberley are possibly the most unique landscape in all of Australia. There are no shortage of crystal clear water, pristine beaches, and outstanding outback landscapes.

Camping is the best way to travel through the Kimberleys as it allows you to travel at your own pace and not have to worry about making it to the next town.

Climbing Mt Kosciuszko

As Australia’s highest peak, Mt. Kosciuszko can provide a challenging hike and a fun adventure. Sure, you can take a chairlift most of the way up, but where is the adventure in that? Take the more challenging Main Range walk that will take you through 22km of Snowy Mountain wilderness.

Looking for more adventure? Why not camp along the Main Range walk and get a true wilderness experience. Camp near the summit and if you get up early enough, you can hike up before anyone else gets there. If you get up really early you can watch the sunrise from the roof of Australia.

Cool Down at the Local Swimming Hole

Not all of Australia’s waterways are infested with crocs. In fact most are perfectly safe to swim in. Going down to the river is a favourite pastime in Australia. The Murray-Darling Catchment area, which makes up most of the East side of Australia, provides plenty of rivers to choose from. Typically, rivers in Australia are very low and slow moving and are perfectly safe to swim in.


Working Holiday in Rural Town

If you plan on exploring the outback, why not stay a while. Find a job and use it to fund your outback adventures. Really immerse yourself in what it is like to live in the outback. Most of the rural communities are based off of agriculture, and are always looking for extra help. It is a great way to make some cash.

The Riverina, in South west New South Wales has one of the largest agriculture industries in all of Australia. Head out to Griffith and experience some of the best Italian food you will find outside of Italy.

Exploring Larapinta Trail

This trail is not for the fainthearted, and serious planning should be done before heading off on this trail. Water is scarce and resupply stations are few and far between. However, if you are up to the challenge, this 223km will take you into the very heart of the Outback.

The trail head is located near Alice Springs, and the trail will take you all the way to Mount Sonder. You will venture through the majestic Macdonald ranges where there will be plenty of stunning views and exquisite landscapes. If you are not able to do the whole trail, don’t worry because it is divided into 12 sections, making it easy for day walks or shorter backpacking trips.

Jatbula Trail


Another long distance trail in the Northern Territory. This time you will be walking through beautiful Nitmiluk National Park. You will discover breath-taking waterfalls. View some spectacular ancient rock formations. At the end of each day you will be able to relax and cool off at some natural swimming spots.


Katherine Gorge

Have a Beer at the Pub

The Australian Outback is full of small communities and no Outback town is complete without its own pub. Even as these communities grow smaller as residents are moving to larger urban centers, quite often the pub will still remain. When the beer is cold, and the food is great, what more could you need.

These pubs come in all shapes and sizes and each have their own personality. The Merriwagga pub for example, boasts about having the highest bar in all of Australia.

So when you are out on your great Australian road trip, why not stop at one of these pubs. Stay the night, make some friends and enjoy a few beers.


What are you favourite Outback Adventures in Australia?

These are several ideas for out back adventures in Australia and can make your trip even more memorable. Many travelers often overlook the Outback and fail to realise how much it has to offer.

There are of course many adventures you can partake in the Outback. The adventures I suggested range from easy to difficult so there should be an adventure suitable for everyone.

What kind of Adventure do you find most appealing if while exploring the Outback?

If you were inspired by what you have read, I would really appreciate it if you could share this post so other people can read it.

Having lived in Australia for a few years, I got to know the outback very well. I hope on your adventures you will have as many memorable experiences as I have.