11 Outdoor Adventures in Canada to add to your Bucket List

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With around 89% of Canada being uninhabited, Canada truly is a place for adventure. There is a plethora of outdoor adventures in Canada, some are achievable from the safety of your car, while others require a much more adventurous approach.

I have narrowed the list down to 11 adventures that I consider bucket list worthy. This is by no means an exhaustive list and the items are listed in no particular order. In fact I would like to update this list once in a while, so feel free to comment with some bucket list worthy adventures.

1. Thru hiking the Great Divide Trail

This is a relatively unknown hiking trail that stretches from the U.S border at Waterton National Park, all the way to Kakwa Provincial Park. The Trail is approximately 1100 km, passing through the Canadian Rocky mountains including 3 National Parks. It is often regarded as one of the most challenging long distance trails in North America.

Check out the Great Divide Trail Association’s website for more information.

2. West Coast Trail

Located on Vancouver Island, this is a very popular hike in Canada. This is a 75km trail that will take you through some breathtaking wilderness. The trail is also incredibly difficult and will have you hiking up and down several cliff faces. One section even requires a manually operated cable car to get across.

3. Berg Lake Trail

One of my favorite hiking trail. The trail offers a challenge as well as picturesque views. Read more about my experience on the Berg Lake Trail

4. Visiting the North

Despite bragging about being a Northern Country, the majority of Canada’s population lives as close to its southern neighbors as possible. Many of will never make it anywhere near the arctic circle. This is partly do to the fact that it is rather difficult to get there. Almost all of the communities require you to fly in, and it is no cheap task. This challenge requires you travel beyond the arctic circle.

If you are interested in driving, take a look at number 7.

Northern lights at the Arctic Circle

5. Camping in Willmore Wilderness Area

Every one who has visited western Canada has visited Jasper National Park. But if you are looking to get away from the large crowds, and have a more authentic back country experience, then I recommend Willmore Wilderness Area.

Willmore wilderness area is a lot more isolated and is located just north of Jasper. There is no form of motorized vehicles permitted in the park, so the only way in is to walk. The easiest place to access it from is from Grande Cache Alberta.

6. No outdoor adventures in Canada are complete without doing this

I am talking about the campfire. Nothing really brings people together like a good old campfire. A tradition that dates back to the first humans to walk the Earth and is a common feature in every culture in the world. If you have spent anytime in the outdoors, chances are you have been around a campfire before. So I am going to challenge you to build your own fire. Using materials you find around you (Unless you are in a national or provincial park and you should be following leave no trace principles) start a fire with nothing but a steel flint.

7. Take a Road trip down the Dempster Highway

The Dempster highway is the only all season road heading into the arctic circle. The highway begins at Dawson city and goes all the way up to the arctic Ocean, ending in Tuktoyaktuk. This is a very scenic drive with a chance to see plenty of wildlife. including Grizzly, Black and Polar bears.

8. Find all three types of bears

There are 3 types of bears in Canada. Grizzly, Polar and Black bears. If you have been living in Canada, chances are you have seen a Black bear just by driving around. But what about the other two? Polar bears are located in Canada’s north (another reason to visit). A common place to go see Polar Bears is Churchill in Manitoba. Grizzly bears tend to stick to western Canada.

9. Visit Nunavik

Nunavik is located in Northern Quebec (Not to be confused with Nunavut, the Canadian Territory). The region includes the largest park in Quebec. You can kite-ski to visit a million year old crater. Between skiing, snowmobiles, dog sled rides and igloo building, there is no shortage of adventures to be had.

10. Canoe Trip

Traveling by river was once the easiest and fasted way to travel. But now it provides an opportunity for a great Canadian Outdoor adventure. This can either be done as a day trip (Great way to spend Canada day) or as a multi day expedition. You can set your own limits on this one.

11. Visit all of Canada’s National Parks

There are 44 National Parks in Canada. Some are located in very remote parts of Canada, making it a challenging feat to visit all of them in a lifetime. Check out this map to see them all.

What’s on Your Adventure Bucket list?

I have managed to complete a list outdoor adventures that I think could make it onto any outdoor enthusiasts bucket list. But I am curios as to what is on your list? Were any of these there? Would you leave any out? Let me know in the comments. If you have completed anything on this list I would also love to hear about it.