Break the Routine – 1 Week of Adventures From Home

1 week of adventures from home
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I often day dream about heading off on my next adventure. Where I might go, how long for, things I want to try. I will spend my days so immersed about future endeavors that I forget about the present. I will get distracted with work, or the latest series on Netflix that the days are just slowly passing by. Sometimes I felt like I was on auto pilot just waiting until I would be back out in the wilderness, or exploring new places. It is easy to forget that you can have adventures from home.

I have made this list as a challenge, to encourage you to go out and explore. An adventure does not have to be a multi-day expedition. To me it can be anything new and exciting that will get you out of the house and break your routine.

Monday – Take a Stroll in the Forest.

Your first challenge of the week, is to take a stroll through the forest. Find a natural area near your home with plenty of trees. Try to spend an hour exploring.

Some additional challenges you can complete are:

  • Taking a photo of wild life
  • Finding a water feature
  • Identify 5 different species of plant.
  • Relax in a hammock

In addition to providing an adventure, it is also good for your health.

Forest bathing (The act of just being in a forest) has been a trend in Japan that is supposed to improve your health. There has been some scientific evidence to suggest that forest bathing actually does improve your health.

Tuesday- Adventure is Just Over the Horizon

This one may take some time, depending on how far you can see on the horizon. Find a window in your home that offers the best view. Find a spot on the horizon that looks like it would be worth going to. Now walk there.
If your home offers no great views, then try to find a summit nearby to climb. From there you should have a wide variety of choices.

Remember, it is often the journey that is more memorable than the destination. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses from time to time. If you end up not making it to your destination that’s okay, as long as you enjoyed where you ended up.

Adventure waits just over the horizon

Wednesday- Pick a Spot on the Map, Go Explore

What better way to get to know a new part of town. Get onto google maps and find your current location. Try to find somewhere nearby that you have never been to before. This could be a park, tourist attractions, or maybe an event is happening nearby that you wanted to check out.

Thursday – Discover the hidden world of Geocaching

Have you ever thought it would be fun going on a treasure hunt? Here is the next best thing. Geocaching is one huge treasure hunt. To geocache you search for hidden items called caches. They are hidden all around the world and it is very likely there is one near you. Sign up here and start geocaching today.

On your adventure today, try to find at least 3 caches.

If there are no geocaches nearby, then create your own cache and try to find that perfect hiding spot.

Friday – Midnight stroll with some stargazing

Night is a perfect time to get outside. Why explore your backyard when you can explore the universe. Look up at the stars and try to learn a few constellations. Try to find the North Star if you live in the northern hemisphere. If it is possible, try to visit a local observatory and view the stars through a telescope.

Is it cloudy outside? It is still a perfect time for a night hike. Don’t forget to pack a headlamp.

Star gazing at night

Saturday- Go on a Hike

It is finally the weekend, now is your chance to head out a bit further and go on a day hike. Hiking trails exist almost everywhere so there is bound to be a trail near you.

To make your hike more interesting, here are some tasks you can try to complete.

  • Find a hike that is more than 10KM’s
  • Take a photo with some wildlife.
  • Pick up 5 pieces of garbage. It is always disappointing to see garbage on the trail. Be a champ and help keep the trail clean.

If you have the means, why not try to camp and extend your hike overnight. Here is my beginner’s guide to planning a hiking trip.

If it is your fist hike then don’t forget to pack the 10 essentials.

I know it can be difficult sometimes to get to a trail. If you live in the city and don’t have access to a car, why not make it an urban hike? Choose a spot 5km away. Hike there and back. Challenge yourself to go further if need be. Or take a bus to a new part of the city. The possibilities are endless.

Sunday – Create and Eat a meal outdoors

Time to practise your outdoor chef skills. Your task is to create and enjoy a meal outside. This can be done in your backyard, a local park, or perhaps on your hiking trip from the night before. To create a meal you are going to need either a camp fire or a camp stove.

This one can be challenging especially if the weather is bad. But an adventurer is not afraid of a little bad weather. Put on an extra layer, or some rain gear. Get a tarp and build a shelter. No excuses on this one.


Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

Sometimes it only takes a few days of excitement to find the motivation we needed. We could all benefit from a bit of adventure. The challenges on this list should be accessible to everyone. I have also designed them so the adventurer can choose their own difficulty, so it should be fun for all abilities.

The best time to get started is now. Don’t wait until Monday to start this challenge. This list can be completed on any day and in any order. So get off the couch and start exploring.

After you have completed the challenges, why not challenge someone else to complete it.

If you take any photos, feel free to share them on our Facebook page.