A guide on How to be More Adventurous!

How to be more adventurous
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We have all had those times in our lives where we seem to be stuck in the same routine. We find ourselves wondering how to be more adventurous. Most days we wake up, go to work, work, spend an hour stuck in traffic, eat dinner, watch T. V and sleep.

If you are lucky, you might have something exciting planed for the weekend, but when you get to the weekend you are exhausted from thee previous week. One day you are thinking about how much more your life could be. You feel like there is something missing. A sense of adventure.

It is at this point we might ask ourselves “How can I add more excitement to my life.” In this post I am going to show you how to be more adventurous. We all have that longing for adventure, but quite often adventure does not knock on our door. We must go out and actively search for it.

What is an Adventure?

Adventure seems to be one of those words that gets thrown around a lot and sometimes it almost seems like everything is an adventure. The definition of adventure seems to range from doing a simple road trip across the country, to climbing Everest. Everyone seems to have a different idea of what an adventure includes. A quick google search can
offer a variety of definitions. Here are some examples:

“An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks” Marriem-Webster Dictionary

“Engage in daring or risky activity” Oxford dictionary.

“An unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity, such as a
trip or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity” Cambridge dictionary

There are some common aspects to each of these definitions. It has to be some sort of unique experience. It has to cause excitement. A lot of time this is due to the riskiness associated with adventure. Since all of these elements are subjective, naturally we see that everyone has their own definition of what an adventure entails. We are going to look at these in more detail in the next section.

Elements of adventure

There are three key elements we have to look at when figuring out how to be more adventurous.
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  1. Excitement. There needs to be an element of excitement to the activity. I often feel like this can be associated with the risk involved in an activity.
  2. Exploring. I feel like a good adventure requires you to explore something new. Whether it is a new hiking trail or climbing route, or trying a new activity.
  3. Comfort zone. For something to be considered adventurous I think it should take you out of your comfort zone. For anything to be adventurous it should require you to leave your safety net and venture into uncomfortable situations.

I would like to talk about risk for a moment, since I am sure this is the biggest factor into what constitutes how adventurous something is. We live in a society where we do everything we can to mitigate risk (which we should). As a result, I sometimes feel like we get that there is risk associated with a lot of activities we do.

For example, a few weeks ago I went caving at Ogof Ffynnom Ddu in Wales. Despite walking over some very deep crevasses, loose rocks and sudden drops. I never really felt that there was a danger, and yet, any misstep realistically would have resulted in serious injury or even death. It wasn’t until another group member fell and hurt herself that I fully understood how dangerous it actually was.

There are two points I am trying to make with this story. The first is to always realize that there are risks involved in certain activities. Second is to not discredit something as an adventure purely because you feel like there is no risk associated with it.

Will all the adventure stories on T. V, I have gotten the sense that people think that something has to go wrong for it to be an adventure. After all, no great adventure movie that involves everyone making it to their destination safely. But those adventures are best left to stories.

Risk also doesn’t have to mean that the activity involves serious injury or death. There are many types of risks. For example, when trying a new foreign, exotic food, there is risk involved. There is the risk that you may not like it. The food may make you sick. Perhaps it is some animal you would rather not eat. Maybe you want to try to do karaoke but you are afraid you might risk making a fool out of yourself (you will, but that is where all the fun is).

It would also be false to assume that the more risky an activity is, the more enjoyable it is going to be.

What does adventure mean to you?

Stepping out of your comfort zone is another way how you can be more adventurous. It this element that makes an adventure unique to everyone. Everyone has their own level of comfort. One activity might seem tame and boring to one person, yet possibly the most exciting thing to happen to another person. In other words, the level of excitement associated with the activity is unique to us.

Because it is out of your comfort zone, then it is a new and unique experience. Or at least it is new enough that you haven’t become comfortable doing it. Needless to say, what type of adventure you choose is up to you. I will be here to offer ideas and encouragement, but what adventure we decide to pursue ultimately depends on our own preferences.

How to be more adventurous!

The first step on how to be more adventurous is to decide you are going to be more adventurous. Despite how all the great adventure stories begin, adventure rarely comes knocking on your door. It is best to go out and seek it. For me, the hardest part is sometimes not the activity itself, but actually taking the time to go out and learn a new activity, or meet like-minded people who can help you get started. You also do not have to do this alone, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. In my experience most adventurers are more than happy to help you get started.

Don’t also fall into the trap in thinking that you need to quiet your job and uproot your live for 6 – 12 months (but by all means do so if you want to). I understand we all have commitments that stop us from going out and doing all the fun stuff we want to do (believe me, I have just as many responsibilities as the next guy). My goal of this blog is more to show you ways to weave adventure into your everyday life.

Start with adventures close to home. Have you seen every single part of where you live? Have you done everything there is to do? I think it is safe to say that everyone answered no. Some examples include taking a walk in a new part of town. Doing stuff that tourists might do. Learning something new.

One way that I have found that allowed me to go on little mini adventures was a website called geocaching. Essentially there are these boxes called caches which participants place all around the world. You are given some GPS coordinates and a brief description. A lot of these are placed near interesting places that are local favorites. It is a great way to explore new areas of your city, or even see some off the path places when traveling to new places.I have used the site plenty of times and it always feels like I am going on a treasure hunt.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. When learning how to be more adventurous, this is where the majority of people get stuck. They are just simply too afraid to take that risk to try something new. Don’t be one of those people. Remember that to be more adventurous requires you to take risks.

Get out there and explore!

It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you choose, but actually go out and do it. Sometimes it is easy to let other things get in the way of what we really want to do. We say we are going to do something, but we keep pushing it back or saying we will do it later. It is time to start breaking this cycle and bring the adventure back in our lives!
Best of luck in your adventure,